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xman's mod app

Post by xmanning9 » August 24th, 2014, 11:59 pm

hi, im xmanman05! i would like to apply for staff. before i start this app would like to say i have been banned once but i asked bobe if i could still apply and he said yes. my ingame name is xmanman05 my real life name is xavier manning, i am bronze rank. i want to be a mod because i like to help players (i want to help them more i already do) and solve problems and i want to give staff a hand because clownercraft is a wonderful server. i have 2 experiences moderating servers and i am good with commands like /ban, /kick /promote ect. i believe i will be a good staff member by not abusing powers, helping players, and doing my best. i am 9 and act like im 11. i speak 2 languages , american english and gibberish. i understand british though. i spend about 7 hours a day online and can moderate half of it.

thankyou for your attention,


PS. i will try my best to do very good and i am friends with saviorsoul


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