[Ex-Mod]BadgerTom's Moderator Re-application!

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[Ex-Mod]BadgerTom's Moderator Re-application!

Post by BadgerTom » July 23rd, 2014, 8:26 pm

Tom Coventry aka [Ex-Mod] BadgerTom.!

I am applying for a Moderator position again because i've previously been one, Have experience, know what i'm doing and have a bit of spare time to delegate towards helping.

I previously had difficulty with interaction with users (mainly kids) but have since then taken steps to improve my troubleshooting capabilities and also have increased my tollerance towards users who repeat their requests and even those tho just troll on purpose.

I've also realised that i don't need to be on the server 24/7 and especially during the night! So if i am allowed to rejoin i will not be on as much as i was and i'll be keeping it strictly professional.

I'm still 30 and still live in the UK (Wales GMT+0). My First language is Still English and my second language is still Bad English!

Played on ClCraft since august last year, on average i spend about an hour a week on the server (based on total time spread amongst the months!) but can spend as much or as little as needed :D

I'd like the chance to join up again so Here's hoping you guys are Optimistic :)


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