mossy895's moderator application post

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mossy895's moderator application post

Post by mossy895 » July 13th, 2014, 5:34 pm

hi my name is Jack AKA mossy895, i am 15 years of age and live in England so my timezone is GMT. i wish to apply for moderator as i would love to help this amazing community and
its players in many ways. there have been players asking if mods were on in relation to a grief or a build for ranks when there were no mods on. i think i would make a good mod as i am online quite a lot so i can help out these players if need be. i have been on the server for a good number of months and have earned the respect of many players. i speak English
and a little bit of German (still learning). i try to come on the server when ever i get some free time from studying etc. this server is extremely fun and has such a great community and i sincerely hope i can help make it even better (if possible).

thank you for your patience while reading this,

Jack AKA mossy895


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