Jacob_Lynham's Mod Application

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Jacob_Lynham's Mod Application

Post by JacobLynham1 » July 5th, 2014, 3:28 pm

My name is Jacob and my ign is Jacob_Lynham and I am 15 years old (16 in August). I feel i would be a good candidate for mod as I am familiar with the commands needed, and have achieved modern rank so I think i could fairly judge ranks knowing what is required for each. Whenever I have been on when a mod hasn't and there is an issue in chat or a player doesn't know how to do something, I record the issue and inform staff as well as assist the player if I know of a solution. I have been on the server since mid July 2013 and know a lot of players and get along with them the best I can (constantly working on improving this).

My timezone is GMT so I think that could be helpful if there aren't many staff in that timezone (i know of two). I speak english fluently a tad bit of French. I spend most of my free time on this server and can donate as much of it as needed to being mod and handling those responsibilities. Thank you for making this server so much fun to be on and I hope I can contribute to that.

EDIT: I have never been perm-banned, only temp-banned for making someone fall into lava :o (It was about a year ago, when i was bronze)

Thank You for your time,


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Re: Jacob_Lynham's Mod Application

Post by Bobetholemew » July 9th, 2014, 10:20 pm

Congratulations! You have been accepted as Trainee-Mod. You will train for the mod position and if we feel you do well enough you will be promoted to Mod, if not you will go back to your original rank.

Again Congrats Jacob! :D :D


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