Amyice's Building Application

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Amyice's Building Application

Post by amyice » December 19th, 2019, 5:33 pm

Hello. I'm Amyice and you can call me Amy. I'm 24 and from Canada.
I want to be part of the build team because I really want to contribute builds people can use and enjoy, and I want to work on builds with other people.

I've been playing minecraft since infdev, so I've got a lot of building experience. I've been on clownercraft for 3-4ish years, though I did take a few years off in the middle. I am Aztec rank in survival. My strengths are medieval and Norse themed architecture. I especially enjoy building infrastructure like roads and bridges and walls. I enjoy landscaping and terraforming. I dislike interiors, but I can do them. I'm also interested in minigame design.

I don't have much experience building in a team, which is kind of why I want to do this. I do work well with others. I have a lot of free time these days, and I can be on the server on average 3+ hours a day, often more. probably 20+ hours in a week. I am in mountain time. I do have skype and discord.

Here are some recent examples. Thanks for considering!

ps image embedding doesn't want to work so here are the links instead

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