Could you appeal my ban?

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Could you appeal my ban?

Post by Datara » December 13th, 2019, 6:53 pm

Uhh, how to start… a few days ago I was banned by wizkrys for using XRay. My in-game name is Hydra_Bob, I'm sorry I used it. I wanted to find diamonds for a friend since I lost his about three times in the lava :? , after a quick look with the XRay texturepack I had forgotten to turn it off and then I got banished. My goal is not to cheat but to build a city on the server in which everyone is welcome if they don't steal or grief :P . I've been in the game since the 1.7 was once a builder but have taken a long break and therefore did not know the XRay texturepacks to be banished on this Server.
I hope you can forgive me and that I will soon be able to pursue my plans again without cheats. :_:<---- spider emoji

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Re: Could you appeal my ban?

Post by wizkrys » December 13th, 2019, 10:58 pm

Hey there, since this is your first punishment and you admitted to using X-Ray, and you seem genuinely sorry about it, I have decided to unban you. Please keep in mind for future reference that the use of X-Ray mods/texture packs, or any other mods that will give you unfair advantages are strictly prohibited on the ClownerCraft network.


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