ArtemisErazer's Mod Application

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ArtemisErazer's Mod Application

Post by ArtemisErazer » October 6th, 2019, 12:46 am

My In-game name
My In-game name is ArtemisErazer

Why I want to be a Mod
I would like to be a Mod because I feel as though I could help with the general well-being of the ClownerCraft Network, like making sure the context of chat on the Discord and the server chat in-game will Stay PG, and Helping players with common problems.

Why I would be a Good Mod
I feel as though I would be a good Mod because I generally enjoy helping other people In and outside of the game. I will say as someone who has been griefed a lot I feel like I could understand where someone that is frustrated is coming from, and try to help them.

My Experience being a Previous Moderator
I have been a Moderator and an Admin about one to one and a half years ago. During that period I had some experience using Co Inspect, some of the commands.

My age/Timezone
My current age is 13, and my timezone is CST (Central Standard Time.)

My First language
I can fluently speak English.

How long I have played on The ClownerCraft Network and about how much time I will be on in a Week
I have played on the ClownerCraft Network for about 3 or more years now, I have had several other In-game names that former staff might recognize. I would say the minimum amount of time I will Spend on ClownerCraft will be in the range of 10-13 hours. I am almost always able to check my discord, ArtemisErazer#5639. I will add a disclaimer that I was banned back in 2017 for Advertising, Though since then I have learned my lesson, and gotten more familiar with the Network rules.

Many Thanks,


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