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Ban Appeal

Post by BeepBoop. » August 10th, 2019, 10:26 pm

My MC username is jordanss1113. About a year ago, give or take, I was banned by Tyylr for: "Greifing meh and my town :( Appeal on the forums please. Visit to appeal this ban." Before I was banned, I did tend to go around and look for unclaimed or inactive chests to loot, as well as unclaimed areas to take specific blocks from if I thought I needed them, but I did not ever intentionally attack other users unless they hit me first. I would like to play on this server again, as during my time on this server, I build an immensely large, "town" with a friend, and would like to get back to it to continue to build it up and/or fix what is left of it. As stated before, I was banned by a user named Tyylr. (I dont know what a message number is so that won't be included if there ever was one.) I would like to know if I could get my ban lifted.

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Re: Ban Appeal

Post by Sanea » September 12th, 2019, 10:26 am

Hey there,

you will get another chance on the server - I will unban you, but please remember that taking anything (protected or not) that isn't yours or breaking blocks that you didn't place is considered grief - and if you aren't sure if something is a naturally generated object or a player built one, ask to avoid problems in the future :)

Welcome back, enjoy your stay!

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