Tarajist's Region request.

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Tarajist's Region request.

Post by Tarajist » September 2nd, 2018, 1:14 am

Ahoy mateys, Captain Tarajist here. Though I wish this could be a Build Team application, I simply don't have time needed to join up. However, there is a project I would like to do on the server that I can do in my own time that people might like to explore as it grows.

I like to build dungeons, haunted manors and other such fun things for people to explore on multiplayer servers. Before the 1.13 server reset I made a large estate manor with loads of traps, secrets and layers of dungeons below. For these I like to use spawners and decorative heads from the token shop. Before the reset someone went through my place like a blunt object and, while the griefing wasn't too bad, it did show me that the /ts heads can't be rolled back to their original skin, it's just a Steve head. Fine details can be easy lost with the wrong broken block, especially when redstone circuitry can sit so vulnerable on those blocks. Alas stuff I build can be fragile to a wayward break, and I often forget how to fix things later.

So my request is to have an area (I've found the perfect one already for a gothic castle on a clifftop overlooking the ocean and a frozen little fishing village, cold and dead below... with even colder things lurking below the surface of the briney bay.) Regioned so that only I and mods/ops can build and break blocks there. But that everyone can still push buttons, flick levers, activate pressure plates/triplines, etc. 'Regioning'? I'm pretty sure I'm asking for the right thing. The tool used to protect /warps. I've used something similar on other servers.

I suppose this is also a request for some sort of loot chest mechanic/mod to be added? So I don't have to keep refilling keys and story items/books in chests each time someone goes through.

I'm asking ya to help a creative ol'e pirate settle down to his terrifying castle on the coast and build something beautiful and horrifying to entertain people for years to come.


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