iiRamen_Unicorn's Build Team Application

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iiRamen_Unicorn's Build Team Application

Post by XSavageUnicornXs » June 7th, 2018, 8:35 am

- My name is Beau, pronounced Bow, and my in game name is iiRamen_Unicorn
- I would like to join the Build Team because I enjoy building in general, and I've been on the server awhile, and would enjoy trying new things
- I would be able to bring many unique interior designs, along with quite a few detailed builds. I have a passion for building, and I will bring interesting, new designs
- I will put them below
- I did build build a small theme park in an old world with a few friends, along with a zoo.
- I'm 12, tuning 13 (I know, a bit young), and my time zone is (GMT+7), but during the summer, +6.
- I've been playing ClownerCraft for about 2 years now
- During school weeks, about 9-10 hours, and during breaks, over 24 hours a week, so 3 hours per day




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