Minecraft 1.13 Update (Survival World Reset)

Things we announce. You know, the interesting bits.
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Re: Minecraft 1.13 Update (Survival World Reset)

Post by TheClowner » July 13th, 2018, 5:32 pm

Mojang have now set a planned release date for Minecraft 1.13 - being Wednesday 18th July.

As many people are aware we have already announced some of what we're doing with the 1.13 Update, but the full details are included below.

We plan to update the Network on Monday 23rd July. This will mean several hours of downtime while we perform the update, we will update this post closer to the day with accurate times.

It's incredibly likely this will be delayed depending on which plugins break, or if Mojang delay the update. The dates we publish here are the absolute earliest we could possibly update, so please be prepared for things to take a little longer.

We will be using viaVersion as soon as possible to allow players using 1.12 and 1.13 to connect, but you wont be able to use the new features until we completely update.



Survival's main world will be resetting with this update.
You will have three weeks with both the new and old worlds available to transfer items. During this time the Nether, End and Explore worlds will be closed to prevent issues with lag. (If the update happens on the 23rd July, the old world will close on Monday 13th August 2018.)
The new world will have custom world generation, with a mixture of vanilla and custom biomes to build in.
The new world will start out at a smaller size of 10k x 10k blocks, and will be expanded in the future.
We have a new spawn, as well as a bunch of new warps all lined up - giving survival a nice makeover.
A world download will be available after the old world is removed. However, we highly advise getting a world downloader mod and downloading just your builds. As the world download will be very very large. We don't expect many people will be able to deal with a 26GB+ download....
The phantom mob will be disabled, it's drops will be sold in the server shop and in /tokenshop
Survival's economy will be resetting.
This reset will happen once we remove the old world.
The new server shop will open after the economy reset. Along with this the new rentable shops will be available after this reset.
You will keep your ranks.


Creative & PS:

There are no significant changes to PureSurvival and Creative.
PureSurvival's world border will be extended.
We will also be changing voting

Our vote rewards will be changing:
1 token per vote (10 sites per day)
1 in 10 get 5 Extra Tokens
1 in 50 get 10 Extra Tokens
Vote rewards will be given when joining the hub server.
We will be adding more things to use tokens for on Survival, Creative and PS. These may take a little longer.



We will be updating the network on Monday 23rd July, including opening Survival's new world. There will be downtime to do this. 3 weeks later the old world will be removed and survival's economy will be reset. Please use a world downloader mod to get a copy of your builds.

All this is likely to be delayed from the dates we give, due to not really knowing how much 1.13 will break.

As always, please ask any questions in the #update-discussion discord channel, or on this thread.

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