verSTANdigYT Mod application

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verSTANdigYT Mod application

Post by verSTANdigMain » January 29th, 2018, 8:01 pm

Hi Im verSTANdigYT. Thanks in advance for reading this.

I have never been banned or muted.
My Current rank (as of 29-1-2018) is Aztec

I have Skype (I will not post this publicly but i will give it if I am accepted for an interview), Team Speak and Discord (Name: verSTANdig)

My IGN is verSTANdigYT

Why i want to be a mod:
I want to be a mod because I am often online (A minumum of 1 hour a day except on Thursdays) and I could use a lot of that time to do ticket and I always are active in chat so I can monitor that too. I also know the rules good and I also like the server lot so I want to support it.

Why I would be a good mod
I would be a good mod because I am online often (A minumum of 1 hour a day except on Thursdays) and I know the rules good I am also very active in Discord and normal chat so I can monitor them too.

What i could bring to the server
I have a good understanding of what is allowed an whats not, so I can be online often and monitor the chat and discord on every unruly thing WHILST doing a lot of tickets. I also for some reason are online at a lot of times that there are no other mods.

How much experience do you have moderating a server
I have about 8 or 9 (combined) months of experience on similar sized and style Dutch (but also an English one) (But most of them werent on for long because the Community wasnt very in the mood for Donating.)

Age and Time zone
I am currently 14 years old (but im fine with some more mature topics (as long as i am not involved, then it gets a bit awkward) and my time zone is GMT+1 (Amsterdam/Berlin Time) or UTC+2

How long i've played on this server and how often I play
I have been on this server since the end of July (7 months) now and I've been enjoying it a lot. As I said I am online for at least 1 hour minuts a day (except thursdays) and I am online A LOT more in the weekends.

I Speak fluent Dutch and Englsih, I know a bit (but im learning more) of German and I know a lot of Russian swear words (Yes, I can monitor Russian swearing)

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Your's Sincerely, Stan


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