Trainee Mod Application HazmatDude02

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Trainee Mod Application HazmatDude02

Post by 1914toaster » January 18th, 2018, 10:38 pm

Dear Clownercraft staff,
I wish to become a trainee moderator as I want to help out more with the server as well as help others. I am also tired of people griefing my builds as well as other peoples builds. I believe that I would be a good trainee mod because I'm friendly, polite, like to help others, I care for people, and I want to stop the people who grief peoples builds, hack, insult others, or put people down. I have no patients for hackers . They ruin the fun for everyone. I think I could bring help to the people who need it and justice to the hackers and griefers. I think I could also get my friends to come and join this server. I had some experience as an admin but only for a short time period as the server was lost. I am currently 16. The time zone is eastern standard. My first and primary language is English. I can speak some Italian but not fluently. I have been a member on the new server since July 2016 however I was also playing on the previous old server.
On average I play about 3-4 times a week. I hope to meet all expectations.

HazmatDude02 :D


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