MountainD3w Trainee-Mod Application

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MountainD3w Trainee-Mod Application

Post by MountinD3w » January 4th, 2018, 2:15 am

Why do I want to become a Moderator? Because I want to be part of something more then just the average, standard player.
I want to be helpful and contribute to a server that has stood the test of time and is growing more and more daily community wise and server wise.
Helping other people with advice and when they first start out on the server is a great way to keep people playing and entice them to staying. I would
be a good Moderator because helping others is a trait of mine and making sure people are respectful towards one another is a priority. Helping people with their griefed builds and maintaining that this is a server where the staff do care and that griefing isn't tolerated. That is why I would be a good Moderator. What I would bring to ClownerCraft is helping people achieve their building goals and making sure it is also a kid friendly environment. The experience I have moderating a server is being a former server owner myself and being staff on other servers. Running a server that had 20 people daily has given me the experience of knowing when to step into problems and finding solutions to said problems. I have a complete understanding of plugins such as CoreProtect, GroupManager, PermissionsEx, ModReq, etc. I am currently 17 years old and I live in the Eastern Standard Time Zone. My first language is English as I do not speak any other languages besides a bit of German from high school language study. I have played ClownerCraft approximately for a year and understand all of the rules and general information about the server. I would say I play the server a few days during the week due to the fact that I work and I am in school.
Thank you for considering my application.


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