KristCrafter's mod application v2

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KristCrafter's mod application v2

Post by KristCrafter » December 23rd, 2017, 1:00 am

-Your ingame name
my name in game is KristCrafter and thats the only name i have had

-why you want to be a mod
i want to because i really like the server and i want to help the server to be bether if thats possible ;)

-why would you be a good mod
i think i would be a good mod becuse i have been a owner on a other guy's server some years back but he shot it down becuse he cuddent pay for it anymore it was a server that it cud be max 20 players but it was full near all the time but maby need to fresh the command's if i be a trainee ;)

- What you could bring to ClownerCraft or How you think you can improve the server
i think i can bring whith me some of the knowledge of coding and helping peoples on servers

- What experience you have in moderating a server.
yea as i said in why i would be a god mod. i have been owner on a server.

- Your Age and Time Zone
im 16 years old and my time sone is GMT+1

- Your first language, and any other languages you can speak fluently.
my first language is norwegian and other language i can fluently is english and i understand swedish and danish

- How long you have played on ClownerCraft (Approximately)
i have playd on clownercraft size summer 2014 and i loved the server after i first joined it :D

- How much time in a week (on average) would you say you play?
yea i play like 30 hours to 40 hours in a week i think something round that :D

i have never been banned from the server i have been warned 1 time but when i been warned i was on the way to say sorry for what i did.. :cry:


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