Ban Appeal (By meatpuppets)

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Ban Appeal (By meatpuppets)

Post by meatpuppets » November 22nd, 2017, 2:12 am

The reason for my ban: Grief/Stealing.
Who I was banned by: Tyylr.
What I did to get banned: BooksMakeMeSad and I griefed and partially destroyed two of Joiined's awesome builds.

Date banned: Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Dear Clowner Craft staff,

I terribly regret the mistakes I have made today, the staff has been nothing but helpful, supportive, and quite funny towards BooksMakeMeSad and I in the server. I feel like I have let them down. The target of this attack was Joiined. Joiined did absolutely nothing wrong, and did not deserve our actions. I want to truly apologize to Joiined, I'm sure she worked hard on those builds, my brother and I would be willing to help her reconstruct her builds if needed.
We want to play on the server for multiple reasons. The server is a very friendly environment (one that we are not yet fully used to), the staff and players are all very helpful and always there if you need them. It's difficult to encounter a server that has such an atmosphere these days on MineCraft. Books and I have been working for a great while to build up our little house in the deserts of the Non-Pvp Survival area.
The biggest question that the moderators probably have is why, and I'll explain. From birth my brother, BooksMakesMeSad, and I have been unwanted. Griefing has been a huge way to help us direct our anger from previous household arguments, but that is really no excuse for what we did. I really feel terrible for my actions, and I hope we get the opportunity to help fix our mistakes and contribute to the server.
For my final statement, I just want to stress the fact that it understandable if you choose not to unban my brother and I. My only wish is that you give my brother and I's condolences to Joiined for the damage we have done. Thank you for a great time on the server.


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Re: Ban Appeal (By meatpuppets)

Post by Tyylr » November 22nd, 2017, 4:18 am


Thank you for taking your time to appeal. The server has set rules, the players are required to follow these rules... Grief is a zero tolerance for this server and failure to follow the server rules, results in a punishment and in this case, a perm ban. Because of this and due to the amount of grief you inflicted on someones build and the massive amount of items stolen from this build, we will not be unbanning you at this time. Please, feel free to try appealing in 3 weeks.

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