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ShinyStarlight's Mod App

Post by Starlight » November 19th, 2017, 11:05 pm

In game Name: ShinyStarlight

Age: 13, though I am pretty mature

Why you want to be Mod: I want to be a mod because I love helping people/players, and I would love to help the server, since it is my favorite. I have played on the server for a while and i'm pretty sure I know everything staff have to do.

Why you would be a good mod: I am great with people, and I am pretty polite. I do not rage, though of course, I do get upset sometimes. No matter what, I will always follow the rules. I have helped watch the chat and answering players questions on a lot of servers. I love helping players, and I am active on Skype and Teamspeak. I am not a very good builder despite being Aztec, but I am good at judging builds.

What you can bring to Clownercraft or How you can improve the server: Honestly, I don't think im good at contributing ideas. I am the kind of person who obeys other people, and I am fine with doing anything, as long as it benefits the server.

What experience have you had in moderating a server: I was a helper on a bigger server, though I didn't really like it. There was a lot of bad language and criticism, and eventually I quit. I would much rather be a moderator on this server, because everyone is kind and caring.

Time zone: EST

Your first language, and any other languages you can speak fluently:I can speak English fluently, though I can understand Chinese and I can read a bit of Spanish.

How long you have played on Clownercraft: I am not sure, I think about 3 years.

How much time can you play? I can play almost everyday.

I have applied before, but it wasn't very honest. My friend was helping me, and most of what I said was her idea. I felt I should re-apply, and be more truthful. Even if I dont get in, thank you for reading, and considering it.
-Shiny - Laylah ✧


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