Homestead System: Solving Too-High SniperTown Rewards

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Homestead System: Solving Too-High SniperTown Rewards

Post by heytherefinelad » September 24th, 2017, 7:17 am

I think many people realize that SniperTown gives an excessive amount of tokens, considering each token can sell for $400-$600. To put it into perspective, 35 tokens per win is 14k-21k per win. This means people who are good at SniperTown can easily get a huge advantage in Survival building. Builders who may not be good at minigames do not receive this advantage.

I would like to suggest a solution to this problem. Such a solution will make token gain from SniperTown less abusive while keeping players who enjoy the high token reward happy.

As of right now, it seems to me tokens have no usage other than purchasing kits in SniperTown or buying useful items/building materials for Survival. This solution may become less appropriate depending on what other uses tokens have/will have.

My solution includes a new system: The Homestead System. The Homestead System should be similar to ClownerCraft Survival or Creative, where the player builds things to rank up; however, in the Homestead System a player is given a very small plot of land, perhaps a 24x24 plot to start out with, which may expand up to a 64x64 plot. The rankup system for Homesteads should be slightly different from that of Survival or Creative. Size should be weighed less in judging and the overall quality more, as the player is given a small space to exemplify his/her skill. Homesteads could be either integrated with each other, likely in rows and columns in a "village" way, or perhaps isolated, and if a player wanted to visit another's homestead, they could use a command similar to /plot v. The Homestead System will have two functions:

1. The Homestead System can provide the player with a fun little home thing. Other players should be able to visit one's homestead, and perhaps if the player wishes to increase the area of his/her homestead plot, they could pay an amount of tokens. Say we have a level 4 player with a 64x64 homestead. They could, for example, pay 100 tokens and receive an expansion of homestead plot size to 80x80.

2. There could be, for example, 4 ranks in the Homestead System. Each rank will give the player an increasing multiplier for their minigame token reward. For example, a player may start with a 1x token multiplier, and their reward for winning a round of SniperTown, for example, could be 14. Then perhaps if they reach level 2 in Homestead, their multipler rises to 1.5x, and they would be rewarded 21 tokens per win. Level 3 could be 2x and level 4 could be 2.5x, which would reward the player the original 35 tokens per win. Therefore, players have the ability to gain the same amount of tokens they used to. The multiplier system should also apply to gladiator.

Another suggestion: The Homestead System may also include an "easy level" before 1, and have all players start with a token multiplier of 0 (they would receive no tokens from minigames). This level 0->1 would help protect SniperTown from further abuse, as the current system for Snipertown makes it easy for a player to obtain an extra 35+ tokens by using an alt. The Homestead System takes an extra step in preventing alt abuse by allowing some sort of proof that the player is valid.

I'd like to hear your opinions. Personally I would love the addition of cute little plot things. :D

I reckon possible problems with this already would be:
I don't know how resource-costly it would be to include a server/world for a system like this.
Writing the plugins would probably take a while.
It resolves not a very pressing issue.
There are easier resolutions.
Makes LogistiCraft Minigames inextricable from ClownerCraft (If LogistiCraft Minigames becomes a successful independent server, building would be a primary part of gaining tokens (but players who only come for minigames typically can't build, so).)
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Re: Homestead System: Solving Too-High SniperTown Rewards

Post by TheClowner » September 24th, 2017, 12:37 pm

It does seem like a very interesting idea, and I do like the sound of expanding plots with tokens. However, there is one thing I think is a huge issue:

I don't feel the token multipliers are a good idea, at all. This is mainly since it's unlikely all players will want to play the homestead server, and because of that - it would mean for those players that tokens are much harder to get. I don't like restricting one part of the network based off another - like theres more ways to get tokens than just play snipertown, so if you want say player heads on survival - you don't necessarily have to play snipertown to get the tokens for it. What happens if theres a legitimate player that doesn't want to play the homestead server? They then can't get tokens as easily and I don't feel that's fair on them.

But secondly, introducing some kind of 'token multiplier' would require a rewrite of our token system, and a complete overhaul of it's database to allow the multiplier to sync across different servers/minigames.

I also just don't see how the multiplier would actually help in any way, to me it seems like it would just make it harder to get tokens when you're starting out, and the more you have already had the more you can get (Rich get richer kinda deal). I may have completely missed something in this.

As I said, the idea sounds interesting - but we wouldn't want to implement something like this without knowing that people would use it. I'd like to know other players thoughts on that - would you play a server like this?

Also, one other quick note: We've retired the logisticraft name now - the entire network is just ClownerCraft, we don't consider them independent any more in that regard.

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