GrumpClump's Build Team Application

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GrumpClump's Build Team Application

Post by GrumpClump » September 6th, 2017, 10:37 pm

Ingame name:
Why do you want to be apart of the build team?:
I would like to be a part of the build team because I enjoy working on things with others. I enjoy building detailed builds and would like to be able to lend a hand.
What could you bring to the team? What sets you apart from other players?:
I have been playing on ClownerCraft for two years and I have a thorough understanding of how the server works. I work well in a team and enjoy working with others. I have an eye for colour, interior and exterior design.
Examples of my builds (all on the server)
Small builds
ScaledUp competition (first place)
How much experience do you have building in a team?
I build frequently with my boyfriend (Ightrril) we have built airships, houses etc together. We have built it all on the server over a span of two years.
Age: 18
Time zone: EST
How long have you played on ClownerCraft?
Two years
How much time do you play in a week?
5+ hours
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