Transgenderr's App (Reapplying)

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Transgenderr's App (Reapplying)

Post by RaptorDad » February 14th, 2016, 6:46 am

ImageIn-Game Name:Image

17 years of age. I will be 18 this coming July.

Pacific Standard Time (PST)

West-Coast of Canada!

ImageLanguages Spoken:Image
I speak English primarily, though I have a bit of background with French-Canadian.

ImagePersonal Information:Image
Hi, hello, my name is Ethan, but you can also call me Pup, and I am your stereotypical, overly-friendly canadian. i am in my grad-year of highschool and heading to college within the next year to study to become a counselor. i have a semi-job as an artist, which doesn't take up much time, and i have started my own lgtb+ group within my school which will only take up 2 days out of the month. my background in therapy and counselling can come in handy with diffusing situations quickly and calmly, i almost never lose my temper. generally, i am your typical introverted canadian who wants nothing more than to make other people happy and comfortable. I have applied before and most may know me as RaptorDad!

ImageSkype Profile Name: Image
Tatsudywn is my Username!

ImagePrevious Staff Experience:Image
I have recently been a staff member on a fairly large pixelmon server, and I have been a mod in several 100+ member Roleplays on an online game. Some might think being a mod for a roleplay isn't that big of a deal, but I was constantly faced with upset people and rough times, but I had a blast!

ImageHow long have you been on the server:Image
I have been playing for some time now, took a short break but now I am back for the long run!

ImageAny absences from the server:Image
I had an absence just after the server returned from the hacking.

ImageHours per Day on Average:Image
I can devote as much time as needed, and I can usually stay on later than most staff.

ImageWhat can you bring to the Server:Image
I feel like I can bring a kind environment for players who seek out help, but I can also put my foot down when needed. Overall, though, I am a very flexible person and I can bring whatever necessary for the server at the given time! I can remain on the server fairly late too.

ImageOther Comments:Image
Thank you for taking my application into consideration! I hope you have a very good day and good luck with picking staff!



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