notanewt's Application

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notanewt's Application

Post by Deph » February 5th, 2016, 3:09 am

Hey! I'm Matthew, or notanewt!
I am an eleven year old gamer in the Eastern (US & Canada) Timezone.
My first language is English, and I am planning on learning Spanish somewhere throughout summer.

I have been on Clownercraft for nearly a year now (late March/early April 2015 (found through first application under username _Bytis), although I have taken a few breaks.
This includes when school started up to mid-semester, and another break leading to now.

I do have some experience with moderating a server: I've ran as Helper on two servers, and Moderator on another [unspoken of] server. The timespan is approximately 2 years.
I would like to be a moderator on this server because I feel like the server lacks a few quantities, and we don't have too many staff members to help with those problems. With an addition of a few decent moderators, I believe these problems could be fixed, or atleast reduced.

I think I would be a good moderator because I enjoy making friends and helping others out. I enjoy everything about the community and the staff, and believe I would fit in nicely with the other staff members.
I personally think a good staff member must have friendship and the ability to stay calm in the worst situations, and [if given a chance] I can do just that.

To finish it off, I think I could bring a few things to Clownercraft while also improving the server.
• Another friendly staff member
• Easier way to reach high-ranked staff members and talk to them about how the server could be changed for the better (including ideas from Suggestions)
• Keeping the forums up to date
and • Helping out with changes that could happen to the server and site.

• Side Inforamtion
I am available for about 2-4 hours on Mondays to Thursdays, and have as much time as I need on Fridays through Sundays except on certain weekends.
My Skype is pruffix; I haven't been on TS3 due to it being down. Me talking depends on if other people are in the room (we have all three of our computers in here).

Thank you for reading this.
I do hope you take this into consideration.


| I apologize if I happened to offen any of the staff member in this application. If I did, I mean to apologize. (Going along with '• Keeping the forums up to date', 'I feel like the server lacks a few quantities,' and other quotes. Once again, thank you for taking your time to read this.)


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