Moderator Re-Application: Matt

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Moderator Re-Application: Matt

Post by Matt » January 27th, 2016, 9:02 pm

- Your name & ingame name(s):
QuietMusic (main) SourMatt (alt)

- Why you want to be a Mod:
I was a Mod earlier in 2015, and I have reached the point where the regret is overwhelming. I spent countless hours Moderating the Teamspeak, server and forum and I would like to do that all over again. I love being able to help this community, and be a role model to new players. Handling Modreqs and repairing griefs felt great to do, and I never got tired of it. Taking a break from the server made me realize how much I need to be a part of is, despite my childish and stupid outbursts in the past.

- Why you would be a good Mod:
Like I mentioned, I was a Moderator before, therefore I would require absolutely 0 training, and I could start working right away. I have grown tremendously since I was last a Mod, and I have become a lot more calm in sticky situations. I can safely say that I have become a much better person than I used to be, and possess many new traits that make me an excellent Mod. I am used to the Clownercraft formula and I know the rankup system inside and out. Over the years of playing Minecraft, I have dealt with many "types" of people. This has helped me learn how to deal with different types of situations whether it be enforcing rules or general chat problems. This has also allowed me to become accustomed to working with others such as a group or team. I know when to be fun and when to be strict. And I know how to stay calm in times of need.

- What you could bring to ClownerCraft or How you think you can improve the server:
Just like before, I could bring my outstanding knowledge of plugins to the team, and share new and fun plugins that could be added to Clownercraft. In addition, I plan to work alongside a close friend of mine to bring a tutorial center, new player shop and more.

- What experience you have in moderating a server:
I was a Mod here (as i've stated like 3 times) for about 6 months. Other than that I moderated a minigames server that capped at over 8000 people, a factions server with about 200 and some more here and there.

- Your Age and Time Zone:
I am fifteen years old and I live in the eastern standard time zone.

- Your first language, and any other languages you can speak fluently:
My first and only language I speak is English.

- How long you have played on ClownerCraft (Approximately. For reference, you have not been on the server 3 years, it hasn't existed that long):
Just over two years.

I hope I can be given a second shot to prove I can be a great mod. :)

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Re: Moderator Re-Application: Matt

Post by jeregplaysCLCRAFT » January 27th, 2016, 11:50 pm

I think you would be a great moderator :D

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Re: Moderator Re-Application: Matt

Post by Matt » January 27th, 2016, 11:57 pm

jeregplaysCLCRAFT wrote:I think you would be a great moderator :D
It means a lot to me that you left this comment. Thank you very much. :)


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