Locdogg5000's Moderator Application

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Locdogg5000's Moderator Application

Post by Locdogg » December 5th, 2015, 12:18 am

Hello members of Clownerton!

My name is Logan, but you all know me as Locdogg5000!
I would love to be a moderator to help new or old players rankup higher! I love to help all players out when they need it!
I would be a good mod because I know what is expected of players for rankups and know all the server rules and can easily tell if there is a violation.
I believe i could bring a lot of fun to clownercraft if i became a mod. In my free time(if i have anyXD) i would have fun games with the players, such as trivia!
I have been an admin on one server and got to second best admin on the entire server!
I am almost 15 and I am in Mountain time zone.(New Mexico, USA)
I speak English and am trying to learn spanish at the moment, but for now i dont speak any second languages.
I have been on the server for about 2 years now and have lots of experience with the community!

To contact me, my skype is Sherlocdogg5000. I do not have a microphone but can be on teamspeak to moderate that if needed!

Thank you and see you all soon!



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