Kiwi's Application

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Kiwi's Application

Post by FruityKiwis » February 21st, 2015, 9:13 pm

- My real name is Martine, pronounced (Mar-ti-nah) and my IGN is FruityKiwis.
- I want to be a moderator because I love being in the role and having all the responsibility is get as a moderator.
- The main reasons I am going to be a good moderator is because I have previously been a moderator/admin/co-owner of three servers of which I'm not going to advertise for here. I have a lot of experience with various plugins and I know what I am doing. Also, I am a mature girl and I can control situations in chat and elsewhere.
- I can bring you an experienced moderator with a Western European timezone, which would cover the time I am awake, and many of the other moderators/admins are not.
- As I mentioned above I have been a moderator, admin and co-owner of three servers and know the required plugins to be a moderator.
- 18, UTC +1
- My first language is Norwegian, yet I speak/write more English than Norwegian on a daily basis and I would say I speak fluently american English. I might have an accent tho, as I'm not originally American. I also know some german, swedish and danish from school/ the area I live in.
- I hope this doesn't ruin my app., but I've played for about 3 days. Yet I've spent more than 24 hours on the server, haha.
- I spend as much time as I can, whenever I build or have a task I will get on to do it. My playtime/day varies from 2-8 hours on a daily basis. Weekends I naturally have more time to play. I will be able to do moderator tasks for however long I need to do them once I'm online, I suppose 50|50 when it comes to building/playing and moderating.


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