Knight Creeper MOD APP Feb. 2015

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Knight Creeper MOD APP Feb. 2015

Post by Knight_Creeper » February 19th, 2015, 12:49 am

-(1) ING: Knight_Creeper IRL: Stephen Watson
- (2-4)I'd like to be a mod because I loved being a mod before and now my cpu no longer has malware and I don't have much in the way of homework anymore. I know all the commands and the only thing that I really need training in is Rank-Ups. What I mean is that I need more training than before because I still barely know what a diamond worth build is. I know I can help the server a ton, and that's all I want. To help.
-(5)EST (USA Eastern Stranded Time)
-(6)I'm one of the longest still player player of CLC, I've been play since about a month after the server started. So nearly 2 years.
-(7) I spend about 3 to 8 hours on the server and I can use any of that time for moderating if needed.

-- I hope you enjoyed reading this. I look forward to seeing the responses! :D


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