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Mod Application

Post by BrandonLSP » February 16th, 2015, 10:26 am

My name is Brian and my in game name is BrandonLSP.

To get started, I was banned before and i am really sorry that. I hope that my ban appeal does not count as a permanent ban for my mod application.

Firstly, I would like to be a mod because i would like to help new players feel at home. Some may get lost on their first time on CL-craft and i would like to be there to help them find their way. Secondly,there are many griefs happening when i am online and no mods are available at that time.

I would be a good mod because i have been playing on this server for 2 years approximately and i have the experience of how to be a mod. During my free time, i always play minecraft and as long as i am online, i will always be here for help. I am a nice person and i am very patient and this can make a good to clownercraft. On CLcraft i always help new players by helping them find a plot.

Im 15 and my time zone is GMT+4.
My first languages are English and French
i played on this server for 2 years
I play for 5 hours and i can take all of that time to moderate.



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