Yourminer22398's Mod Application

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Yourminer22398's Mod Application

Post by yourminer » February 15th, 2015, 11:50 pm

- Yourminer22398
- I want to be a mod because I feel like i could be a great help toward the server and I enjoy helping other people. :D
- I feel like I would be a good mod because I have been a mod on several other servers (6) with no complaints.
- I could improve the server by keeping it family friendly while also making sure everyone is happy. ^.^
- I have been a mod on 6 servers, an admin on 2 (I don't know if that counts exactly but I'll put it anyways).
- 17, America/Detroit time zone.
- English, I am learning French at the moment.
- 10-9 Months, about a year.
- I spend a vast amount of my time on the server and I have a lot of time to moderate since I recently quit my job.


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