xXBen_PlayzXx moderator application

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xXBen_PlayzXx moderator application

Post by xXBen_PlayzXx » January 15th, 2019, 5:25 am

1- I would like to start out by saying i have never been banned or in fights what so ever and have no enimes on the server i am friends with evreyone.

2-I am very experienced i am diamond level on the server.

3- I have both skype and discord i would love to give you info upon further inquiry. Dont want my skype just out for evreyone to see :D

4-I am 17 years old and am comfortable with all topics needed. Im also capable of defusing an argument.

5-I haven been very active and becoming more and more active anywhere from 20-24 hours a week.

6-why might i be a great moderater? For starters i know my way around the server i know all of the rules and am great friends with the moderator’s.

7-Why would i like to be a moderator? I love to help people. I love the game and of course the server! I also belive its time i give back.

8-what might i be able to bring to the server? I know the server very well and because i both work and do school from home i am able to be on and activley be of help to anyone who might need it and would love to be able to help with that.

9- Although i do not have any experience moderating thus far i have helped to start a server! I am a great learner and feel as though this might be for the best so that i have a fresh start and can learn new.

10- I am 17 years old. I also live inside of the eastern standard time zone.

11-My first and only language at the time is english!

12- I have played on Clowner Craft for approximately 2 years.

13- I spend at least 20 hours playing a week but hope to extend that time and defintley will if i have the opportunity to be a moderator.

Thank you for reading my application i hope it was sufficient enough for this job opportunity! -xXBen_RiddleyXx :D


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