Multiple Suggestions

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Multiple Suggestions

Post by jessepm123 » March 30th, 2018, 10:42 pm

Note: These suggestions are more for the survival server more than anything else.
When I joined the server after not playing for some time, I was disappointed to see a declining playerbase. I think this is largely due to a lack of updates.
I believe that updating the server (more) regularly by adding/removing features periodically would revive the server and spice it up.
Before that though, one major improvement that could be made quite easily is an improved logo and forum theme. The forums are very ugly and outdated in my opinion, and same with the logo. In my experience, bad logos deter players from joining.
The actual server itself could also use some modernizing.
  • The chat is kind of ugly and could be formatted much cleaner and nicer. For example, saying [S] instead of [Survival] in front of every message sent from the survival server could be a good idea (same thing for other servers). Then you could bring back the full rank names.
  • In general, the messages that the server and plugins send should (in my opinion, at least) be all one "theme" and follow a familiar format and coloration.
  • More GUI-based commands (/help brings up a menu and you can click on things to do actions, learn about features, or run commands).
  • Adding on to the GUI-based commands, a new GUI based auction house plugin would be good to have too.
As far as the aforementioned "updates", here are some suggestions:
  • Crates - While these are (in general) disliked by more "traditional" players, they add a little something to the game.
  • Towns - Nothing too fancy, just a simple recognition of towns that players have. I don't think claims would be a good thing to add, but just a simple way to recognize towns with a simple chat to use between town members. (not Towny)
  • Shops - Replace ChestShop with something easier to use and updated.
These are just a few ideas. There could be way more improvements to the server, but I really do think that the server has the potential to have a thriving community like we once did.

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Re: Multiple Suggestions

Post by TheClowner » March 30th, 2018, 11:39 pm

Our website and forums are probably due for a redesign... We've got a lot in the works on the server that's all eating up our time at the moment... but It will eventually happen. (I am drawing up a few design ideas that will match the new branding I'm working on)

Not sure about the logo... I still like it, and it's nice to keep something consistent.
Would like to know other people's thoughts on that?

As for the chat - other than shortening the server name (which is how it used to be - we changed it to try and have less confusion about what the random [s] at the start actually meant..) is there any other specifics you'd suggest with it?
We are slowly working through a lot of the plugins and unifying their messages - but at the moment this isn't a high priority...
And yeah, I'll try and create a help gui... (we do atleast have a gui for /warps :P)

There are some other plans we have for survival, and these will be announced at some point in the near future.

As you've probably gathered by this point in my response... theres quite a lot we're already working on - so you may not see some things implemented for a while - it's just us making sure we don't put too much on our plate at once (again...)


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Re: Multiple Suggestions

Post by jessepm123 » March 31st, 2018, 12:36 am

Thanks for replying :)
As far as the server names, I think that you could just put a bold dark grey S/PS/C and it would look good (No brackets). Then you could add a tool tip (message when you hover over words) that would say the full name.
Also, while I appreciate the reasons for not giving someone access to your server files (as I've been screwed over my self), I would be more than happy to help with updating the server and have plenty of experience doing so.

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