(ACTIVE AGAIN) I'm Leaving the Server.

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(ACTIVE AGAIN) I'm Leaving the Server.

Post by Joiined » August 22nd, 2017, 10:52 pm


With great regret and sorry I have to announce that I will be leaving ClownerCraft for a while. School has been giving me a pain as I am only in 8th-grade taking college AP credits. I am leaving, for the time being, therefore, I will only be on for an hour straight max on some days. This has been a great sorrow as I tried to make space for ClownerCraft but it was too much. To much pressure on my shoulders to slack on school for Minecraft. Anyways, here are some people I'd like to thank for my pleasant experience so far on ClownerCraft.

Tyylr and Snow - Thank you so much for always talking to me. I know, I was quite annoying but you guys were my partner in crime and you were always there for me in Teamspeak and in game. Most staff saw me as an immature annoying child, but you saw the best of me. Thank you very much for the pleasant experience.

L1L4ndT4sty - Wow, I've known you for a while I believe. You were always there for me! We had great times on TeamSpeak and in game. You were funny and was a good friend. It was a pleasant experience with you, and maybe when I come back actively, maybe you'll be ranked up!

TheClowner - There is so much to thank you for. I've been on ClownerCraft for almost 4 years and it is all because of you. You created this awesome server where I grew relationships with people and throughout all the nasty applications I've made throughout the past few years, encouraged me to learn how to write more pleasantly. You've been amazing, and I hope the server is staying up for more years to come! I never knew when I first joined the server, it would be so magnificent!

If I didn't say anything about you, I am sorry, I am in a rush. I will comment something if you ask! Feel free to Private Message me on the forums if you want more elaboration on why I am going to be more inactive.

This was an amazing run and I hope to see you all later! Bye ClownerCraftians


*EDIT I will now be active again. I found time for ClownerCraft
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Re: I'm Leaving the Server.

Post by Sanea » August 23rd, 2017, 3:03 pm

I get it, life sometimes takes priority...
*points finger at herself*

Take care Joiined, good luck with school and visit the server sometimes, even for a few minutes, just to say hi :)

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Re: I'm Leaving the Server.

Post by Tyylr » August 23rd, 2017, 4:24 pm


I will miss you very much, you are an amazing person who is there to help everyone. Life can sometimes get complicated, and I hope that you can work trough what life brings ahead. If you ever want to talk, you can find me on teamspeak, or on skype :). Cya around man!


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Re: I'm Leaving the Server.

Post by L1L4ndT4sty » August 25th, 2017, 3:38 am


I will miss you too while you are gone. Remember school is more important then games. You are planning for your future with schooling. When ever you pop on I hope that I will be here so that I can say hi!! I will miss your happy voice on TS and your wonderful greeting when ever I got on. Now I know why you were so quiet before leaving. I hope that we will see you in the future and maybe when you get back I will rank up in celebration. LOL :lol:

Waiting for your return,

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Re: I'm Leaving the Server.

Post by L1L4ndT4sty » October 1st, 2017, 5:05 am

So Joiined, I figured I would let you know that I am ranked so when you come back I will be here!

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