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UHC announcement

Post by KoriCuore » June 5th, 2017, 10:21 am

As you may well know Clownercraft is hosting a UHC weekend.

We will be holding multiple rounds starting on Friday the 16th of June!

These will be on different times to provide everyone from all different time zones a chance to join in the fun.

What is UHC ?

- UHC or ultra hardcore, is a game where the main emphasis is that natural health regeneration is turned off completely.
Meaning that once you get damage it will not heal unless you take an item for it like a health potion or a golden apple.
It will not even regenerate when you're on full hunger, which is where the main challenge begins.

What do you win?

1st Place:
100 Prize Tokens,
$100,000 ingame, on the Survival Server
an elytra (on the survival server)
and a fully enchanted diamond sword. (on the survival server)

2nd Place:
70 Prize Tokens,
$50,000 ingame, on the Survival Server
and a fully enchanted diamond sword. (on the survival server)

3rd Place:
40 Prize Tokens,
$20,000 ingame, on the Survival Server
and a fully enchanted diamond sword. (on the survival server)

The first UHC contest round will be held on Friday the 16th of June at 7PM GMT.
Saturday and Sunday will have two rounds each. One at noon 12PM GMT and 7 PM GMT.

To sign up : /Report UCH entry
Add which person you want to potentially team up with if there are enough entries

We are aiming to have at least one round of teams and one round of singles.
But this will mostly be subject to the number of entries for those rounds.

At the start all players (teams) will be scattered through the world on a random basis and your adventure will start.
The goal is to get as well geared for PVP combat as you can while surviving the harsh world of minecraft.
There will be no specific perms and will because of that be almost pure vanilla. After 2,5 hours everyone will be instructed to make they're way to the center of the map (spawn).
Where all remaining participants will fight it out to determine the winner.

One of the rules is you will have approximately 1 hour to make your way to the center. If you do not you will be disqualified and will not be eligible for the winners prizes.

In the end The last player/team standing will be the first prize winner(s).

There are restrictions on how you combat and interact with each other.

- No using flint and steel and/or lava-buckets to burn each other
- Exploits including, but not limited to AFK farms etc are still banned.
- General server rules apply


- Traps will be allowed

If you break the rules you run the risk of not only recieving a penalty for the reimander of the contest, but also a ban from all future contests.
In extreme cases this may also get you banned from the entire network. So follow the rules!

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