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Redeveloping Creative

Posted: January 15th, 2017, 5:02 pm
by TheClowner
UPDATE: Our current creative server is now offline.

Click Here to download the world.

Please note that this is a big world file, uncompressed it takes up a little under 2 GB of space (The compressed zip file you download is only 479MB). Single player Minecraft may struggle to load the world, so it might be worth using something like MCEdit to export sections of the world you want to keep into a new world. You will also need to extract the zip archive to use the world.

The new creative server should be online within the next week!

Hey all,
As is long overdue – we will be redeveloping our creative server. And making it better!
In order to do this, however, we need to close the current creative server and reset it’s world. The world will be available to download once we take the server offline.

Creative will close on Monday the 30th January, and will hopefully reopen within a week.

Please take note of the co-ordinates of your plots if you wish to get back to them in the downloaded world!
Our new creative server is going to be far better, with some new features:
  • Three Building-Based ranks for the creative server. In a similar fashion to Survival
  • (Limited) use of the worldedit plugin (More unlocked through ranks)
  • Two worlds:
    • A Plot world like the current creative and
    • A freebuild world, with vanilla terrain. This will only be accessible after you get the first rank on creative – sadly this is to try and protect it from griefers.
  • TokenShop – with all the decorative heads which are available in survival
  • Supporter, VIP and VIP+ perks, mainly ArmorStand Editor, Rocket editor and BannerMaker.
As always, we would really value your ideas and suggestions on what you’d want from creative – so please do post in the suggestions category on the forum!

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Re: Redeveloping Creative

Posted: January 15th, 2017, 9:18 pm
by wizkrys
I think this is a really good idea. I played on a creative building rank server for a while and it was really fun, and it really lets people explore their creativity in building more. A few suggestions bc why not:

1) Maybe four or even five building ranks for Creative, so the requirements for each higher rank aren't so drastic, and so that players have more to work towards

2) Use PlotSquared instead of PlotMe, I'm used to PS and I think it's more versatile, that's just my opinion though. It enables users to claim and merge multiple plots together, visit each others plots (or with the option to deny entry to your plot to prevent unwanted visitors), and more. On the setup side of things, you can customize things like the pattern on the roads, the depth of the plots (e.g. y:4 vs. y:64), etc. I just like it more, and it leads into my next suggestion

3) As each rank progresses, you can give players access to more plots and the ability to merge them so they can have one large plot (claim four small plots all near each other, plot merge, one big plot) so that they may build larger structures or expand more on their previous ones, etc.

But yeah, I really like the concept of creative build servers. Maybe then I'll actually have motivation to build lol


Re: Redeveloping Creative

Posted: January 16th, 2017, 1:07 am
by TheClowner
Thanks for the suggestions,

We've already planned to switch to PlotSquared (In fact it's already installed onto the new creative server which we're beginning to setup and build) since PlotMe has had it's development abandoned, just never switched until now as creative has been a bit neglected. We will definitely be making use of the merging feature along with everything else it can do.

Incase you're interested, the plots are currently 149x149 blocks, with the exact middle marked, and will be about 60-70 blocks deep. Naturally, merging plots means you can get this to be even larger.

As far as having more ranks on creative, I'm not sure we want to quite yet - we may add more in the future, but for now we're going to stick to 3 so we (hopefully) don't overwork our staff too much having to get to grips with a second rankup system... as much as it will work in a similar way to on Survival.

That is still open to change, and we're still trying to work out the kinda guidelines for each rank (Since inevitably the scale and detail will be a higher requirement for creative as theres no work to get the resources) - we want to make sure the ranks are both accessible but also challenging, as is the way with survival. It's much more satisfying to feel like you achieved something by getting the rank.


Re: Redeveloping Creative

Posted: February 10th, 2017, 10:16 am
by TheClowner
The creative download is now available from