NEW! LogistiCraft Gladiator!

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NEW! LogistiCraft Gladiator!

Post by TheClowner » January 9th, 2017, 10:43 pm

The LogistiCraft network is proud to open it's latest addition: Gladiator!


You can now go play our mob-arena based minigame, which awards tokens depending on how long you can survive by either visiting the hub, or using /gladiator from any server in the network.

It costs 5 tokens to play, and you then have the choice of 12 kits, all of which are free. (We've found that having a mix of different kits between several players is better).


Mobs will spawn in waves, which increase in difficulty. And every few waves there is a boss. Some of the bosses are quite hard.

If you manage to beat all 50 waves within an hour, then you are a winner, and will have earned yourself 217 tokens. But don't worry, tokens are given as you go through - after wave 6 you will have earned back the 5 tokens you paid to play! (2 tokens are given every third wave, plus a bonus 5 after the early bosses, which steps up to 10 or 20 for the later bosses).


and as always - and suggestions or issues will be appreciated, please post them in the suggestions sub-forum.

~Clowner & Team

Click Here to go to the original news post.

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