Minecraft 1.11

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Minecraft 1.11

Post by TheClowner » November 19th, 2016, 10:32 am

UPDATE: ClownerCraft Survival, Creative and the Logisticraft Hub server are now updated to MC 1.11 - as well as the contest server. All minigames are still waiting to be updated, but they should be done in the next few weeks. If you discover any issues please inform a member of staff so we can try to resolve it.
As most of you will be aware - 1.11 has been released,

As usual - we will be updating the server eventually. Unfortunately we have to wait for a few third party plugins to update before we do (As well as the fact I just need the time).

We will begin updating the server Next Saturday (26th November), for the time being you can still play the server by selecting 1.10 as your version.

This delay may be slightly longer than most updates, so sorry for any inconvenience.


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