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Sales & Voting & Stuff!

Post by TheClowner » March 1st, 2016, 4:52 pm

The server turns 3 years old THIS MONTH (March).
On the 28th infact. This is a huge milestone for us, thank you all so much.

Everything on is a third off!
This sale ends on the 31st of March!

In this time I do want to remind you that we have only got this far thanks to the support of our players, without whom we just wouldn't be here.
We will only be able to keep running if people keep supporting us. Either by buying a package from our store, or if you can't simply voting for the server. Voting does a lot more for us than you believe.

Also, on that note - we have a Top Voters Contest!
The top voters from ALL of march on, and will recieve a whole stack of tokens each!
The second top for each will also get 32 tokens each.
Get Voting!

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