Changes to Contests (Also announcing the next contest)

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Changes to Contests (Also announcing the next contest)

Post by TheClowner » July 25th, 2015, 6:02 pm

So, up until now our contests seem to be occurring at random times. Quite literally we often don't know the date of the next contest until maybe the week before. This isn't great as for some players it doesn't give them a chance to get on for the contest, not knowing when it is.

So the first change to contests will be that they will be scheduled in advance, at regular intervals. The current plan is to have a contest running every two weeks, the dates for these will be posted on the website after the redesign. The general time frame for each contest will be:
  • The monday before the contest until the start date will be the time you have to claim plots. Any player who requests a plot during this time will be given one. However after this you will not be given a plot.
  • From Friday until Sunday (times may vary) the contest will actually run (this is when you build the thing)
  • After the contest closes, there is a few days for staff to judge the contests, and the winners will be announced on the following thursday.
The next contest will start on Friday 31st July, and you will be able to claim plots from MONDAY 27th july. The theme for this will be Nature.

That's all for today.

Re: Changes to Contests (Also announcing the next contest)

Post by » September 28th, 2015, 2:44 pm

I applaude Clownercrafts regularly scheduled contests - it makes the server unique!

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