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Ban Appeal

Post by lilipili » September 8th, 2018, 2:25 am

Hello, I found this server yesterday and played for a while and really enjoyed the server and the other players. When i went to play again today i found i was banned by Sanea from the server for stealing and grief. I am really sorry as i admit i did take things from unlocked chests as i did not know this was not allowed, i must have missed this in the rules. However i am unaware of any thing i may have destroyed or broken. This was truly an accident and totally unintentional as i would never purposefully destroy another creation as i have had it happen to myself and find it really upsetting when you put effort into it. I would love to continue playing and i hope you can look past my mistakes.

Thank you,
LiliPili x

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Re: Ban Appeal

Post by Sanea » September 8th, 2018, 6:57 pm

Hey there :)

Since you are new I will give you another chance, I will unban you in a few.

Please, if you are unsure if something is allowed or not, ask either staff or other players, as they might be able to help you.
And the simplest rule - if you didn't place it, don't touch it or take it :)

See you in game!


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