permanent ban apeal 2

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permanent ban apeal 2

Post by DangerGamer002 » August 1st, 2018, 8:13 pm

Note: in this appeal I first want to make something clear when I revere to my friend I will intertwine with he and she.
Dear MR./MS. Moderator.
I am writing this appeal because I am banned from this fine server.
I like the server and the community. And love that I was a part of it.
It would be nice if I could once again be part of it.
when the ban of me and my friend happened there was a miscommunication,
or what I like to say. My friend told me that he was banned for griefing and stealing.
I got pissed because of the miscommunication is sounded like the player reporting him was lying.
so me being not so smart and had access to TNT was like I will avenge you. That thought + the fact that he had most of my inventory like my iron lapis gold blocks in her enderchest mad it look like there was no hope left.
But after speaking to the mod who banned us I was schoked to fined out he had not bin doing what he said to me he had bin doing. I feel ferry betrayed and am sorry for what I have done.
I will talk to my friend about it to.
I hope you take me in consideration for unbanning me.
I would appreciate it.
Since te experions I have had remorse of doing it I tried different servers but this one is more for me.
And as a quiq tip to prevent this from happenin again:
Sat the announcement a short time before the update happens than that will make shure griefers like us don’t think (thought process) :
Ah it dus not matter if we grief the server now it will be gone by the wipe with or without us.
The moderator who banned me was:
My gamertag :
Signed DangerGamer002

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Re: permanent ban apeal 2

Post by Sanea » August 10th, 2018, 7:13 am

Hey :)

Since we've discussed the issue, I will be unbanning you later today when I get off work in a few hours.

See you on the server!


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