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TheCarrot2 Ban appeal

Post by TheCarrot2 » July 25th, 2018, 6:14 pm

My in-game username is TheCarrot2. I recently was looking for a good creative server, and found this one so I tried to join. To my dismay, when I joined it said "You were banned by KuriCuore for: Advertising a sale not related to the server."
I have never joined the server from what I can remember and If I have joined, it was well over a year ago since I have no memory of this server, so I do not know why I was banned for this. I am just curious as to why I was banned, and would like to be unbanned if possible. My past usernames include: Xicad, 11thDoctor314, 12thDoctor314, 13thDoctor314, Darkminer321, TardisGuy, jmoneil. I do not remember ever joining so could you please look at the logs to see when I did this?
I would like to join the server because I have been looking for a good creative server with freebuild, plots, and earned building ranks, so I hope I get to play on this server! I do not know when I was banned either.

Thanks, -TheCarrot2.

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Re: TheCarrot2 Ban appeal

Post by TheClowner » July 25th, 2018, 9:04 pm

According to our logs you first joined in Feburary 2017, and were banned in the following May.
Other than the reason shown for your ban I don't really know what the ban was for, and the admin who banned you is no longer part of the team.

As it has been a while, I have unbanned you. Please make sure you read through the rules when you login and make sure to follow them this time.



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