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XboxUno Ban Appeal

Post by XboxUno » January 31st, 2018, 2:42 am

XboxUno's Ban Appeal

  • Username - XboxUno
  • Reason For Ban - I was banned for Trolling and Bypassing the swear filter
  • Reason For This - I was banned a long time ago but I believe I was just having a bit of fun and took it too far.
  • Why I Want to Play on Clownercraft - I haven't played on minecraft or clownercraft for a long time (roughly a year I think) and I would like to start playing minecraft again but I really want to play on clownercraft because it has a great community and I have loads of my best builds on this server and would love to keep adding builds to my collection on here
  • Banned by - KoriCuore

Thanks for reading and I hope that you give me another chance.

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Re: XboxUno Ban Appeal

Post by KoriCuore » February 5th, 2018, 4:48 pm

Hey XboxUno,

Since it has been almost a year since i banned you plus the offenses being relatively mild, i will unban you.

However i want to make it very clear that this is your final chance. I'm going on the assumption that you have changed your attitude and overall behavior. This is an important part of the reason. Be aware that if you do fall back into old habits and get banned once again it will be final and your appeal will be denied in the future.

We want players to have fun while playing, overall that means that we don't want people inciting drama or prolonging/escalating it with behavior that just aggravates others. Bypassing any rule is not allowed. We have the difficult task to try our best to balance everyone's chances to play the game to its fullest extent. This is why we have the rules we have.

Also since you got banned a while ago please make sure you reacquaint yourself with the rules as they have been extended upon and changed in some cases.

I hope my assumption is correct.

Best regards



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