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Ban appeal

Post by JoylessVaccine » January 23rd, 2018, 12:09 pm

Username: James1299
Reason: Stealing/grief
Explanation: While I was using /rtp, I came across a large pile of stone by some houses and picked them up, I also saw unlocked chests nearby to it and looked inside them. I admit I stole more stone from them as well. It was a stupid decision to think I'd get away with it, and I realise I shouldn't have done it at all but I did not grief anything I came across.
Why I enjoy the server: My friend invited me to play and I enjoy playing on the server with him. I know what I did was a stupid action, and I would like to ask for a second chance if I am given one. I'd also like to apologise to Guinner for taking your things, I will return all of them if you allow me to. And would be very grateful for any leniency shown
Banned by: Guinner

Guinner Mk2
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Re: Ban appeal

Post by Guinner Mk2 » January 24th, 2018, 10:17 am

I have unbanned you, please make sure to not break any more rules. As for all the items please throw them away as i have already returned all the items to the chest.
Again Follow the rules and welcome back.
As always have fun!
- Guinner
I come from the land down under!
Been playing for a year and a half and been staff for over 1 year from Oct 14
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