My Ban for Greifing/Stealing

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My Ban for Greifing/Stealing

Post by BooksMakeMeSad » November 22nd, 2017, 2:07 am

Dear Clownercraft staff,

I want to fully apologize to all of those that I hurt. I (BooksMakeMeSad), along with my brother meatpuppets were banned on November 21 for Griefing/Stealing by Tyyler. I want to start this apology by first directly apologizing to Joiined, who was the victim of our griefing. They never did anything to us that deserved our behavior. Meatpuppets and I griefed and destroyed several parts of her buildings as well as stealing her entire beacon setup. We continued to go through and fill one of the larger buildings she had with water as well as using several buckets of lava. I don't even know where to begin apologizing for this because we did so much to hurt Joiined and everyone else involved in those creations. Meatpuppets and I did this as a way to direct our anger we had from a previous argument we had with our father. After doing this we quickly regretted our decisions seeing that it only hurt someone who didn't deserve this treatment at all. In no way did doing this make us feel better. Meatpuppets and I both came to love this server and the small community of people that we encountered and want to contribute to this server in a posotive and helpful way. We would both gladly help Joiined rebuild everything we destroyed and do anything to make up for what we did. I will completely understand if you do not want us to come back to the Clowenercraft server but hope that you all know that we want to do anything we can to fix what we have done and contribute to this server.

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Re: My Ban for Greifing/Stealing

Post by Tyylr » November 22nd, 2017, 4:15 am


Thank you for taking your time to appeal. The server has set rules, the players are required to follow these rules... Grief is a zero tolerance for this server and failure to follow the server rules, results in a punishment and in this case, a perm ban. Because of this and due to the amount of grief you inflicted on someones build and the massive amount of items stolen from this build, we will not be unbanning you at this time. Please, feel free to try appealing in 3 weeks.

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