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Ban Appeal/Staff Report

Post by Dreadfulness » November 5th, 2017, 7:43 pm

IGN: Dreadfulness


As stated I was banned for not listening to warnings. If you look over the chat logs KoriCuore tells me to stop talking about it or I will be temp banned. But after KoriCuore says this they then continue writing paragraphs to me which in turn prompt me to respond. After responding KoriCuore then banned me. It seems that players are punished for giving their opinion on the server and its on goings. Also, Here is a screenshot of me being indirectly called incompetent. Image

I believe I should be unbanned as this is quite unprofessional and I am speaking out on what disturbs me about the server and what I think is not right.

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Re: Ban Appeal/Staff Report

Post by KoriCuore » November 5th, 2017, 8:01 pm

To start it off, you were meddling in staff affairs which i clearly warned you about. After the first warning you failed to listen to it and continued to argue. I gave you your final warning and at that point you felt it necessary to state that i was calling you indirectly incompetent which is not the case. As you show in that one clipping of the conversation i was literally clarifying that i was not calling you incompetent but telling you, you have no knowledge of the staff proceedings as they are.
By extent meaning with the lack of knowledge in that respect, you should not be interfering or making judgements. Let alone berate staff members saying they are not doing their jobs.

Those two paragraphs you mentioned were exactly explaining that it had nothing to do with incompetence or your character as a person. However you then continued to argue once again about the proceedings in this case and as per the warnings i had given you previously i temp banned you for a day.

Bottom line is the temp ban stands once it runs out feel free to join the server again. But mind you with all that has transpired i want to urge you to keep yourself from meddling in these cases as an authority on the matter. It is not your place to do so and certainly not in the way that you choose to do it. A conversation with suggestions is one thing, but you are crossing into the realm of telling us how to do our jobs without knowing the history of such cases.

ALso as a final note, temp bans cannot be appealed as are temporary.

Kind regards

KoriCuore :)


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