V2 Dread Appeal

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V2 Dread Appeal

Post by Dreadfulness » October 18th, 2017, 1:16 am

My IGN : Dreadfulness


I was banned for this as it is in direct violation of the rules.

I would like to continue to play the server as it has been a place for me to relax and be myself. Not having this place to go would be very hard for me. I have as many of you know spent countless hours on this server helping the community and playing it my self. I have set high goals for myself on this server and still want to achieve these goals. What I did was against the rules, but I believe in second chances an I hope you guys do too.. I know we have had some rough moments but I am going through a seriously hard time in my life atm with sickness,deaths and other numerous things.

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Re: V2 Dread Appeal

Post by Tyylr » October 18th, 2017, 2:48 pm


Because of this being your first ban, I will be changing it to a temporary ban lasting for 3 days. Please remember to always follow the rules of the server and to report any issues you have with players to staff by making a ticket, and we will look into it. Also, in regards to killing another player, this is a direct violation of the rules. Please do not let this happen again. Thanks, I look forward to seeing you on the server when you return! :)
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