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Ban Appeal

Post by BelugaSneakers » August 2nd, 2017, 2:30 am

Hello, my name is BelugaSneakers. I would like to finally get some closure on the situation that previously went down. I was banned for advertising, when I "advertised" I told an ex friend the IP via Skype. I didn't think for a single second that this could potentially get me banned. I have played on ClownerCraft for over 3 years. I knew the rules pretty well and didn't think that advertising via Skype could get me banned. About two years ago, I used to use team speak. One day on team speak I mentioned having a server and some staff said it would be fine if I told them the IP and that I wouldn't get banned, so when I messaged my ex friend It didn't cross my mind that it was against the rules, afterwards I simply forgot about it and we enjoyed playing on said server for some time. A couple days later I get permanently jailed and muted, and am extremely confused as to why because I just felt like saying something through Skype was alright. I apologize for anyone who came on Clowner and advertised for my server, I didn't tell them to do that. I completely understand if anyone thinks I am perhaps lying, but please take my words into consideration.

My minecraft username- BelugaSneakers

I was banned for- Advertisement

I was banned by- Guinner

I would like to be unbanned from clowner because some friends of mine play on there and I enjoyed playing on there with them.

(There is no # stated for my ban.)

Guinner Mk2
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Re: Ban Appeal

Post by Guinner Mk2 » August 8th, 2017, 4:47 am

After some careful consideration, i have decided to unban you.
Please do do not advertise on the server in future, it's really not a cool thing to do.
Have fun playing on the server again!
- Guinner
I come from the land down under!
Been playing for a year and a half and been staff for over 1 year from Oct 14
If you need any help, contact me on the server or send me a private message here on the forums!


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