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Jail & mute appeal

Post by Cokeeee » July 5th, 2017, 3:49 am

Hello, last night I was jailed and muted. I found out it was for "advertising", and I don't really understand why. I recently added _TyylerIsANerd on Skype, I mentioned my server a day or so later and she wanted to join and check it out (Like friends do) I didn't think this was considered advertising since it was through Skype (And honestly I didn't even get her skype to tell her the ip, I just wanted to be able to call her and chat with her) and not the actual server. Today I log in and see that I am jailed and muted (I believe by Tyylr), 30 minutes to an hour goes by and a friend of mine joins. I make sure he's notified that I cannot speak. I then hop into my sisters account (Her username is Miilk_) to tell him the story, and so now she is jailed too. Clownercraft has been my one of favorite servers for years now, I've always really loved the community. I just really don't understand exactly what I did wrong, and if anything, I'd at least like to get a more detailed explanation on why I am permanently muted and jailed. Thanks, -Cokeeee.

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Re: Jail & mute appeal

Post by TheClowner » July 5th, 2017, 6:05 pm


You were jailed and muted as we saw you talking about your server, and then asking for people to give you their skype/discord. As it states at spawn, asking for personal details - just to share servers is not acceptable.

These rules exist because of issues we've had before - and we are strict on the rule so that we don't end up with similar issues arising.

Generally, please try to avoid talking about your server at all in the server chat, or in private messages.

That being said, I've unjailed and unmuted you.


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