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Ban Appeal

Post by familypicnic » May 27th, 2017, 7:25 am

IGN: newuth
You have been banned for tomorrow at 20:11 by KoriCuore from this server for: Greifing, appeal this ban at

I am clueless on what i have griefed, ive been to many other peoples build in the world but i do not recall myself messing or tampering with any of said builds except for taking sea lanterns in the nether and if that is the case on why i was banned then i am truly sorry i didnt mean to, i was fairly new to the server and at the time and i thought they were random lanterns someone had place for convience and so i thought nothing of it and mined them. once again i am sorry....

reasons why i want to play on this server:
1. ive invited my friends to the server and I would like to continue playing with them
2. i just learnt about the teamspeak and would like to be friends witht the people who play the server threw there
3. i finally understand how the rank system works and would like to achieve the diamond rank with a build i was working on
4. ive done so much on the server just to give it up and get banned
5. this is the first server the genuinely having fun on

ive been banned by KoriCuore

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Re: Ban Appeal

Post by KoriCuore » May 27th, 2017, 12:10 pm

Hello newuth,

The reason i banned you was that you had griefed a persons farm area. This person happened to be a staff member.
You took a lot of things from the chests there that you weren't supposed to. And you broke a bunch of blocks there.

However since this is your first offense i will unban you. Under the condition that you do not get yourself in trouble again.
I would suggest to read up on the rules again.

And remember if its not yours and you dont have specific approval from the owner of the build/items, dont take/brake or place anything.
This will avoid future issues.

Thank you in advance



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