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Fox's Build Team App

Post by Cartografox » July 5th, 2019, 12:51 pm

My name is Sam. My in game name is Cartografox, but you can call me Fox. (Or Car, or Carto, or Fartogracox. But Fox is better.) I’m 26, based in the UK, and I joined Clownercraft nearly 8 months ago. (Late November 2018)
I am fairly active on the server, though it is dependent on my work hours. Generally, when creative is up, I play something like ten hours a week. (Tuesday to Friday I usually play one or two hours in the evenings. I play more at weekends – especially Sundays.) As a builder, I am skilled in the dual arts of ‘Procrastinating until there’s no possible way to build it in time’, and ‘Building it all in the last possible minute anyway because sleep is for the weak’.

I’m hoping to join the build team for a number of reasons. Firstly, I prefer working in a team to working alone. It can sometimes be an added challenge, but the result is always well worth it. As it stands now, I usually build with Reade when he’s online, but he’s a stubborn husband, and would rather play league.
Secondly, I build better when I build with purpose. Knowing a landscape is actually a map that’s going to be seen and explored (Even if only by the one person determined to break spawn somehow), tends to bring out the best in me.
Thirdly, because you need more people in the build team. Especially someone who is happy to build interior, so that Zero stops complaining. Besides, you can’t leave Zero mostly on his own in a build team, everything will be bookcases. And clones.

When it comes to building, I would consider myself a general builder – mostly because I like to try and build a little bit of everything. It means my builds tend to be a bit quirky and experimental, and don’t always work the way I expect. (But they're always fun.)
I do tend to focus on architecture but have had some success with sculptures and landscapes in the past. I’ll try pretty much anything. (Especially if I can build it entirely out of purpur (Link removed due to url limit.) just to annoy - um, I mean, for the artistic challenge.)
When building solo, projects often end up as a larger build adapted from or largely influenced by existing buildings or landscapes. (See Foxminster and Foxtre Dame.) When building with a team or a partner however, I tend to focus more on details. I’ve worked with a couple of different teams to create game maps (for Hunger games, parkour, boat races etc), and spawn towns where I focused either on general landscaping, or interior. (I would show examples of the smaller builds I worked on with Reade, here on Clownercraft, but sadly the plotworld ate them. Most of my images of past builds have also been lost, so here’s a really old one. Alberton is an old steampunk themed competition build. Put together in less than a week, more than four years ago.)
If there’s something that characterises me as a builder, it’s that I’m a firm believer that every build should have a story. A house without an interior, a throne room without a king… They’re just a little bit depressing. Every build should have a skeleton in the closet. Or a demon summoning cult under the church. Or, y’know. A bookcase.
As I’m only a worker rank on this server so far, I was planning on waiting a bit longer to apply. However, while creative is down, I’d like to be able to build somewhere. And maybe help Zero with that Gladiator arena he keeps promising. And those Sniper Town maps.
Thanks for reading over my application, hope you’ll consider me for the team.

(TLDR: I build a bit. Pls let me join.)

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Re: Fox's Build Team App

Post by zZer0_ » July 6th, 2019, 1:44 am

Welcome to the team :D

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Re: Fox's Build Team App

Post by Laylah » July 6th, 2019, 1:57 am

Congrats :)
- Laylah ✧

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