NatsuDragneel445's Traniee Mod App

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NatsuDragneel445's Traniee Mod App

Post by Brandoman667890 » August 14th, 2019, 9:58 am

- My ingame name is NatsuDragneel445
- i want to be a mod to be able to help the server out tremendously i have alot of experince with plugins fixing plugins plugin perms consle codding and just everything of the sort and i just want to help you server with my skills the best i can
- i would be a good mod because i have alot of experince with plugins plugin perms codding and consle and im a little on the older side plus im very level headed with dealing with heated arguments fighting etc.
- i could bring my very good experince and skill as well as a freindly mod who can help defuse situations level headed and also make others feel like they matter and are being listened too and being respected
- i have experiecne modding my old minecraft server as well as a twitch channel and my discord channels for my stream
-i am currently 20 years old and am less than a month away from 21
i am in mountain standard time
- english and only english
- just a little over 3 years
- havent played in a bit but im back and ready to use my skills for you i work 3 days a week friday saturday sunday monday well monday i have off after 8am usually and i have monday through friday night off so i would be yours 4 days a week

Thank you very much for any staff who take time out of their day to read my staff app and if anything needs revised please tell me id be more happy to make them :)


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