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Marshallman90's Mod Application

Posted: March 5th, 2019, 12:44 am
by Marshallman90
Ingame Username: Marshallman90

Why do I want to be a mod:

Well, I'm pretty much always on the server, and know that there's a lack of moderators on at some times. While we have an amazing mod team, I could definitely add to the mod team because I could fill in at times where mods typically aren't on.

Why would I be a good mod:

I have experience running a server, and I know Java. On back end, if there was anything that the team wanted, I could provide that. However, I can also build well enough to be diamond rank on survival. Along with all that, I've also been around for a couple years, and know the people on the server well.

Mod experience:

I've ran servers in the past

Age: 18

Time: US Central (Chicago time)

Language: American Sign Language, then English

I've played on Clownercraft for around 2 years and I spent like 15-20 hours a week on the server